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Direct Mail Services

Paulsen Printing delivers promotional printed pieces to your target audience. Direct mail encompasses a wide variety of marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters and sales letters. We implement VDP (Variable Data Printing) to mail your printing materials to a targeted audience maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing dollars. Marketing research has proven personalized targeted mail is a more effective way of advertising your products and services. Direct Mail Marketing gives you and your company a higher return on your investment (ROI), increased brand value and much more!

VDP (Variable Data Printing)

Variable Data Printing allows you to adjust your direct mail marketing campaign so it is more customized and personalized. Using VDP means you can create more attention-grabbing direct mail pieces that appeal to your specific target market. Variable Data Printing, or VDP, is a method of printing that utilizes certain software to change the output of a digital printing press to customize each piece with unique text or images based on an existing database or spreadsheet. It’s frequently been used for addressing, but is now used more often to personalize text, graphics, or branding messages to keep them more pertinent to the recipient. Because of the personal touch that direct mail recipients experience with Variable Data Printing, this marketing method can be much more effective in marketing campaigns, making it feel as though the sender is speaking directly to them. Variable Data Printing is the next step in direct mail marketing. Don’t just send out generic campaigns to your audience. Create custom information that appeals to each recipient and makes them want to contact you.

How Does Variable Data Printing Help Me?

Put yourself in your customer's shoes for a second and see things from their perspective. They receive tons of junk mail, emails, ads and other promos that have nothing to do with their needs or interests. It gets annoying pretty fast. VDP changes that dynamic and helps you make a good impression. Taking the time to personalize communication shows customers you value their business, and understand who they are and what their wants and needs are. Not only will variable data printing save you a lot of time (because you won’t have to change the name for every card manually), it can also shift perceptions. Prospects are more motivated to buy from you when making their next purchase.

How does Variable Printing Work?

VDP utilizes information from computer databases to create personalized materials that are high quality and full color, similar to those created by using the offset printing process. With digital printing and VDP, the images and text of an individual piece can be changed without ever having to stop or slow the printing process. With VDP you can produce marketing materials that are targeted towards individual consumers, increasing response rate and overall return on investment. Not all customers are the same, and with VDP advertising you can target the individual needs of a unique set of consumers. Through the use of mailing lists generated using current customer data or purchased lists, businesses can target their recipients by a number of factors including geographic location, sales history, age, income and household size. This makes it easy for a company to send out materials to customers that promote the business location closest to them or that specializes in their known needs. VDP will generally include unique barcodes, QR codes or promotional codes when they are printed in addition to the personalized content. This is done to help track not only the usage rate, but the overall success of the campaign, helping to identify what strategies will be the most successful in the future. At Paulsen Printing we are ready to help you with any VDP project you may have. Our excellent sales, customer service and technical staff are here to answer any questions you may have and are eager to help you with your next project.